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Congratulations to the following people, they were selected as winners in our holiday crab feast photography contest:

-Jim Brady
-Gary Edsall
-Della Bradley
-Dave Maurer
-Carol Marie Pruitt Moore
-Tyler Mitchell Amanda Yost

Please send in your address and we will get a Maryland Seafood prize pack out to you! Thank to everyone who participated! (7 photos)

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12 seconds, can you beat that? This lady at Russell Hall Seafood picks quite a few Maryland crabs during her work day ...

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True Blue Maryland Crabs Logo

True Blue

True Blue, a new labeling  initiative is going to be your way to find out which restaurants are serving real Maryland crab meat.  It’s time to stand behind our crab cakes.

Maryland Oyster PledgeOyster Pledge

By having Maryland Oysters on your menu you are helping to improve water quality and habitat in the Chesapeake Bay while serving a great, healthy, locally grown seafood product.


Oyster harvesting

Oyster Aquaculture

Maryland Aquaculture is on the rise, aquaculture plays a significant role both in food production and in ecosystem restoration.

Check out  a list of licensed oyster aquaculture facilities that operate in the state of Maryland and learn more about our sustainable seafood practices.