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Beautiful shot by Jay Fleming of the crab cake that Vidalia entered into the 10th Annual DC Crab Cake Competition. ...

Congratulations, Steven L. Moyer, Noel Keen, and Drew Buck! You were randomly selected as winners for our crab mallet contest! Please send us your address in a private message and we will send a prize package to you! ...

Crab mallet contest!!

Win a pair of our True Blue crab mallets/bottle openers! Share this post and comment #mdtrueblue for a chance to win! We will select three winners from the responses!

Crab Meat FRAUD exposed:

Seafood Fraud happens all too often, especially with crab meat as we learned from the Oceana investigation earlier this year.

Repacking crab meat might help a few individuals increase profits in the short run, but its long term effects are negative on both the consumer and the local industry.

Even though this happened in Virginia, we feel that it is worth sharing:

Check out this whale caught by Upper Bay crabber CJ Canby! ...

True Blue Logo

True Blue

True Blue, a new labeling  initiative is going to be your way to find out which restaurants are serving real Maryland crab meat.  It’s time to stand behind our crab cakes.


Oyster Pledge

By having Maryland Oysters on your menu you are helping to improve water quality and habitat in the Chesapeake Bay while serving a great, healthy, locally grown seafood product.


Oyster Aquaculture

Oyster Aquaculture

Maryland Aquaculture is on the rise, aquaculture plays a significant role both in food production and in ecosystem restoration.

Check out  a list of licensed oyster aquaculture facilities that operate in the state of Maryland and learn more about our sustainable seafood practices.