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There is no better time to enjoy Maryland crabs. Support the True Blue program by pairing them with Flying Dog Brewery's Dead Rise OLD BAY Summer Ale. Find out which restaurants are serving Maryland blue crab product here: ...

Support Local! The ‘True Blue’ certification program allows restaurants serving Department-verified Maryland blue crab product to use a special logo in marketing or advertising the product. Once a restaurant is signed up they will receive a ‘True Blue’ logo to signify to their patrons that they are True Blue Certified!

The newest members to the True Blue Program are:
Foxy's Harbor Grille (St. Michaels, MD)
ShoreHouse Eatery (Cowansville, PA)
The Sunset Room by Wolfgang Puck (National Harbor, MD)
Latitude Seafood Co. (Midlothian, VA)
Things From the River Bait & Seafood (Benedict, MD)

Stop by one of these establishments and let them know that Maryland Seafood sent you there!

Today's chef education trip included visiting a pound net to learn how it works as well as learning about the different gear used to harvest blue crabs, oysters and soft clams. The group toured an oyster processing house, learned about blue crab biology and harvest and watched soft clams being shucked. Several chefs tried hand tonging for oysters. Finally the group got to enjoy a taste of the Maryland seafood products they just saw being processed. ...

True Blue Logo

True Blue

True Blue, a new labeling  initiative is going to be your way to find out which restaurants are serving real Maryland crab meat.  It’s time to stand behind our crab cakes.


Oyster Pledge

By having Maryland Oysters on your menu you are helping to improve water quality and habitat in the Chesapeake Bay while serving a great, healthy, locally grown seafood product.