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Oyster Pledge Promotion


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Oyster Pledge
By having Maryland Oysters on your menu you are helping to improve water quality and habitat in the Chesapeake Bay while serving a great, healthy, locally grown seafood product. This is not a cliché, it’s the truth! We possess the ability to grow billions of oysters. With each adult oyster filtering up to 30 gallons of water a day, oysters are a ‘keystone’ species in the revival of the economy and ecology of the Chesapeake Bay. Oyster aquaculture is growing fast in the state of Maryland, there are currently 300 oyster farmers with many selling their product to the public. By supporting this industry you are helping oyster farmers create a positive impact on the economy and the health of the bay.

100 years ago shellfish filtered the entire volume of the bay several times a day, now with oysters at 1% of their historic abundance this only happens every few months. With your support and commitment we will be one step closer to reaching these levels again. The Maryland Oyster Pledge is a commitment to keep at least one Maryland Oyster on the menu at all times. This can be on the half shell or a shucked product. Please join other local businesses in helping to bring the oyster population back in the Chesapeake Bay

Check out the map to find a restaurant in your area that has made the Maryland Oyster Pledge!