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Ronald “Ronnie” Robinson

Chef – Royal Sonesta Harbor Court


Chef Ronald “Ronnie” Robinson chose his culinary career and displayed sheer dedication to work hard early on in life beginning in Little Italy at 13. He has been diligent in gaining knowledge and engaging in culinary quality for over 18 years. Beginning at this tender age, opened up his vision of pursuing culinary arts by placing himself with the best Chef’s in Baltimore.

After attending the undergraduate program at Western Maryland College in Environmental Studies, he took his knowledge and culinary initiative back to the line and dedicated his time honing his skills at restaurants such as Little Italy’s Pecora’s as Sous Chef, Legal Seafood as Head Cook, the Finest Restaurant of its time in Baltimore – Hampton’s at the original “Harbor Court” Hotel as well as the Iconic Obryckis Crab House as Chef and Kitchen Manager. He came full circle back to Royal Sonesta Harbor Court being recruited to be a part of Sonesta’ s vision of Culinary excellence and core value of “Food is Art”.

With his culinary passion and continued thirst for environmental studies and dedication to saving the Chesapeake Bay he became involved in the Chesapeake Save the Bay Foundation and currently supports our program with the ORP “Oyster Recovery Program” at the Royal Sonesta Harbor Court, thereby giving back to the community and staying true to his recognition of environmental integrity.

Chef Ronnie is currently our Sous Chef for Brighton’s and Explorers where he has been critical to the sales efforts with client tastings, high profile clients such as Royalty, an integral part of Royal Sonesta’ s celebration for Baltimore’s Grand Prix. In addition, Chef Ronnie has several press releases and has been featured in Examiner.